CPS Homes How to Guides - Dressing your kitchen shelves

How to dress your kitchen shelves

Here’s how to style kitchen shelves that make an impact...

Using neutral tones, decorative pieces and a dash of greenery, you can bring a pop of your own personality to your kitchen with shelving décor that’s both stylish and practical. 

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Start by keeping things simple

We recommend sticking to a minimal colour palette and keeping in mind what goes well with the colours of the rest of the kitchen. You’ll want the shelf to be eye-catching, but at the same time it should still be functional, so stick to muted tones for the bowls, plates and cups you’ll reach for often (keeping them within easy reach), then you can then add in some bold accents to bring it all together.

Step 1

Always include some plants

As you can see in the video, adding in some foliage is a must for making your kitchen feel welcoming and brightening up the space. Include a curated selection of your favourite houseplants with attractive leaf shapes that vary in size, with a trailing plant or two to connect the space between shelves in a relaxed, effortless way.

Step 2

Add accent colours and key pieces

Incorporating some character and showcasing your personal taste is essential. In our video we’ve embraced mixed metals with some gold pieces that catch the light wonderfully, along with some (inexpensive!) artwork. You might want to add a favourite vase, candlestick or cookbook. Patterned glasses are a great choice for adding subtle texture and keeping the display from looking too flat. Rustic items would also work well for your key pieces, perhaps bowls or plant pots made from wood or earthy tones of clay and terracotta, creating a contrast that’s in keeping with the natural look

Step 3

Mix up the height

Your modern kitchen shelf looks best when you vary the height of what you choose to display. Try adding in some large glass pasta containers or taller plants to keep things balanced and visually interesting. It’s also important not pack the shelves with too many items, as you don’t want the shelf to look too busy, so make sure there’s some space between each piece you add.

Step 4

Restyle whenever you fancy it

Once you get the hang of decorating your shelves, have fun with them! You might want to switch up the plants every few months, or swap some your accent colours as the seasons change. For example, opt for a dark green or burgundy in winter or gentle pastels in the Spring. (If you enjoyed this guide, you'll love our tips on how to dress your dining table!)

Step 5