CPS Homes How to Guides - Dressing a Table

How to dress a table

Here are our top tips on how to set your table for a relaxed evening in...

With practical advice on mixing patterns with your tableware and our chic alternatives to grand centrepieces, this video guide will ensure you dazzle your dining guests with a gorgeous modern dining table set up.

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You don’t need to spend a fortune

Most people will have white or cream plates and bowls in their kitchen cupboard. They’re a staple that you can get cheaply in supermarkets and lend themselves perfectly to layering. In our video, rather than a tablecloth, we’ve opted to place them on an inexpensive piece of fabric with a geometric print, which looks great against the natural woven placemats. The smaller plates we’ve used on top are from a high street shop - ours have a grey floral print, but if you’re a ‘more is more’ person you could go for a bolder, contrasting colour.

Step 1

Go simple with your lighting:

There’s nothing wrong with including a pretty candelabra if it’s your style, but for a more contemporary, laid-back look we recommend using a cluster of small tea lights in jars of varying heights. The flickering candles add a warmth to the table and it keeps things from looking too formal. We’re passionate about re-using and recycling too, so being able to give old jam jars a new lease of life as tea light holders is a bonus.

Step 2 (2)

Include some foliage

There’s nothing worse than tall vases filled with flowers so high you can’t even see the guests’ faces! We prefer to go for a few plants dotted around the table and some sprigs of herbs from the garden, which smell lovely and add to the low-key vibe we’re going for.

Step 3

Add your finishing touches

We’ve finished the whole thing off with a few little extras – glasses of water with a slice of lime to echo the green in the foliage, silver cutlery and a few small flowers that mirror the neutral tones.

Step 4

Be careful not to over-do it

Once it’s all done, take a step back and see how you feel about it. If it’s looking a bit too crowded, you might choose to remove a few plants or swap out any bold, patterned pieces for something more neutral. Just use your own judgment - often less is more! (If you enjoyed this video, you'll love our tips on how to dress your kitchen shelves)

Step 5