Fixes and checks to make before you leave

When we come out to conduct your check-out inspection, we'll be checking that everything is in full working order. This includes (but isn't limited to);

  • All bulbs are working.
  • There are no loose screws in things like door handles and overhead door closers.
  • Any mirrors, pictures or curtains that may have come down or loose have been re-hung.

These things are your responsibility, so to prevent any avoidable deposit deductions, we thought we'd let you know in advance so you can check them before we visit. Sending contractors out can be expensive, so it's definitely worth tending to them beforehand.

Think something needs a repair but isn't your responsibility?

Please send a photo of the issue to, along with a description of what you're reporting, and we'll be sure to take a look.

Ask us questions

Ask us questions

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