Living in Canton

Canton essentials

Facilities & Services: hospital, police & schools

Nearest Hospital

Heath Hospital

Location: Heath Park , Cardiff , CF14 4XW
Drive: Seven minutes from Cowbridge Road East via Western Avenue Llandaff direction.

Local Police Station

Cardiff Central Police Station

Location: King Edward VII Ave , Cathay’s Park , Cardiff , CF10 3NN
For all major issues we suggest you visit the Central Police Station, Open 8am till midnight, 7 days a week.


Ninian Park Primary School

Location: Virgil Street , (Leckwith/Canton area) , Cardiff , CF118TF

Fitzalan High School

Location: Lawrenny Avenue , (Canton & Leckwith) , Cardiff , CF11 8XB
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 5 min Walk Time: 17 min

Cantonian High School

Location: Fairwater Road , Fairwater , Cardiff , CF5 3JR
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 9 min Train: walk 10 minutes to Ninian Park Station, train to Fairwater Station opposite the school.

Michaelston Community College

Location: Michaelston Road , Ely , Cardiff , CF5 4SX
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 14 min Cycle Time: 17 min

Howells School Llandaff

Location: Cardiff Road , Cardiff , CF5 2YD
Wales' leading academic school for girls aged 3 to 18, boys 16-18. Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 4 min Walk Time: 13 min

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Location: Wyndham Crescent , Cardiff , CF11 9EF
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 3 min Walk Time: 9 min

Severn Primary School

Location: Severn Road , Cardiff , CF11 9DZ
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 2 min Walk Time: 6 min

Radnor Primary School

Location: Radnor Road , Cardiff , CF5 1RB
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 2 min Walk Time: 5 min

Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna - Welsh language primary school

Location: Radnor Road , Cardiff , CF5 1RB
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 2 min Walk Time: 5 min

The Hollies Daycare Nursery

Location: 9 Sanatorium Road , Cardiff , CF11 8DG
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 5 min Walk Time: 17 min

St Aubin Nursery

Location: 503A Cowbridge Road East , Cardiff , CF5 1BB
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 4 min Walk Time: 11 min

Si-lwli Welsh Speaking Nursery

Location: 71 Romilly Rd , Cardiff , CF5 1FL
Distance from Chapter Arts Centre: Drive Time: 2 min Walk Time: 7 min

Getting around Canton


With Cowbridge Road running right through the heart of Canton, the district is served well by Cardiff Bus. The area has numerous bus services that can save you a walk at the end of a long day in the city centre or get you to numerous surrounding areas such as Culverhouse Cross to the west - a popular shopping park. Take a look at the Cardiff Bus network map for suitable bus services.

Rail - Ninian Park Station

With Canton being so close to the city centre, the train station could be listed as central. There are also close links to Ninian Park station which serves Cardiff City Stadium in the Leckwith area of Canton. For an idea on location, Google Maps lists the walk distance from Cowbridge Road East to Ninian Park as seven minutes.

Major Road Links

Cowbridge Road can get you onto the M4 within five minutes. Westbound of the city centre there are strong road links for Cardiff Airport towards Barry, M4 west and east towards Newport & Bristol.

What's on in Canton

Chapter arts centre in Canton

Chapter Arts Centre

Location: Market Road , Cardiff , CF5 1QE
Chapter Arts Centre is a haven for the arty folk of Cardiff and the heart of the Canton community. With two cinema screens, community rooms for hire, a bar (of course), a theatre and a café, Chapter is a friendly and relaxing space for all. Annual events such as Art Car Bootique, Japanese Animation Festival and Sunday Jazz Club are popular among the locals.

Victoria Park in Canton

Victoria Park

Location: Victoria Park , Cardiff
A beautiful spot that has been a part of the Cardiff community since 1897, Victoria Park is one of the city's most loved green spaces. The popular paddling pool was converted to a water play area in 2017 which is also where you will find the statue of Billy the Seal. Recently converted from the old toilet inside the park, Bloc cafe opened its door in 2018 offering small plates and coffee.

Eat in Canton

Bankok cafe in Canton

Bangkok Café

Location: 207 Cowbridge road East , Cardiff , CF11 9AJ
Thailand has some of the tastiest dishes out there. The country is becoming increasingly popular for travelling Brits year after year, hence why the Bangkok Cafe must be so popular. A taste of Thailand that either brings back the memories of your travels or gives you an idea of what could be.


Location: 5 Romilly Crescent , Cardiff , CF11 9NP
The award-winning Bully’s is an independent restaurant that has won a reputation for quality food, excellent customer service and an intimate atmosphere.

Happy Gathering

Location: 233 Cowbridge Rd East , Cardiff , CF11 9AL
One of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Cardiff in the last 30 years, Happy Gathering serves typical Cantonese dishes like Char Siu and Sweet n Sour, the extensive dim sum selection itself is worth a visit for.

Vivo Latino

Location: 147 Cowbridge Rd East , Cardiff , CF11 9AH
You can find the authentic tastes of Latin America in Canton at Vivo Latino, serving a blend of Mexican, Brazilian, Cuban and Peruvian style cuisine in a contemporary style (and generous portion)


Location: 126 Wyndham Crescent , Cardiff , CF11 9EG
The successful Danish bakery is opening its second shop in Penarth in 2019 but Canton or “Pontcanton” is where they first introduced the concept of Danish baking to Cardiff. All the bread and pastries are baked using traditional Danish method and they are definitely delicious.

CPS Homes guide to living in Canton

Canton, or "Treganna" in Welsh, is a multicultural inner-city district to the west of Cardiff city centre. Like Adamsdown to the east, Canton had a huge influx of Irish immigrants in the 19th century, so perhaps this is why there are so many lively local pubs around the district. Nowadays you'll find a healthy dose of true Cardiffians, students, young professionals and people swapping the exotics of such places as India for the hustle and bustle of Canton.

The area offers a lot due to its multicultural society. The cocktail of cultures makes it one of the most vibrant and diverse in Cardiff, which is good news for those who like to eat out. Whether you're into dim sum, fancy a taste of British aka 'fish & chips', or Mediterranean floats your boat, Canton has it all on its doorstep.

But it's not all about hungry hippos in Canton. It's also home to the HQ for arty folk in Cardiff - Chapter Arts Centre. Chapter Arts is a major centre of contemporary arts, not just in the UK, but for the whole of Europe.

Cardiff Blues supporters

Love your football? Canton is awash with blue and red with The Bluebirds, Cardiff City, are playing at home, making it a great atmosphere for football fans. The Cardiff City Stadium is a short walk away from the area, so get practicing your Ayatollah!

Victoria Park, Canton, Cardiff

If football isn't your thing, Canton also has some perfect getaway places of tranquillity, highlighting the fact that Cardiff is absolutely blessed with lush green parks. Set on the border of Canton and Pontcanna is the very quaint Thompson's Park. And, in the west of Canton is one of Cardiff's best - Victoria Park. Both parks are the perfect getaway, whether it's a crisp autumn's day or a day for soaking up the sun!


"Canton has a lot on its doorstep. It's quite diverse. On one side you have the hustle and bustle of Cowbridge Rd, then deeper into it towards Pontcanna, you have the ambient side of it. Personally, I found the nearer to Pontcanna I lived, the nicer houses, quaint bars and restaurants there were. It's a great place to be if you fancy living a short walk away from the city centre. Houses are reasonably priced too!"

Matt Bottler - Former Canton Resident

CPS Homes last edited this page on 03/10/2019. All details listed were correct at the time of publishing. Reviewed every six months.