Water bills: are you aware of this little-known requirement?

Clare SinclairA Cardiff landlord found herself landed with a £400 water bill after her tenants absconded without paying.

"How?!", I hear you ask.

Well, there's a little-known Welsh law – introduced in 2015 – that states landlords must inform Welsh Water of any change of tenant within 21 days. Failure to do so means they can hold landlords jointly and severally liable for the property's water and sewerage charges.

So, if a tenant disappears with unpaid bills and Welsh Water have no joy in pursuing them, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be coming after you; the landlord!

Did you inform Welsh Water within 21 days of your tenants moving in? If not, it's too late now, but it might be a good idea to check they're up-to-date on their water bill payments!

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I've listed some more of the lesser-known "must-dos" below, which could be costly if not done properly;

Of course, we've got them all covered, giving you peace of mind and a lot more free-time.

08 July 2019


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